Young People

The journey to adulthood isn’t always an easy one. Young people under increasing pressure, can often find themselves struggling to make sense of what they’re experiencing. I can help them with a wide variety of challenges. Such as anxiety, exam stress, low self esteem and low mood. I can also help them to better understand and manage their thoughts, feelings and actions.

Sessions with young people are 1 to 1 and confidential. If they’re finding things difficult, the sooner they are able to access support the less sessions they are likely to need and the more quickly they are likely to be able to make positive changes to their lives. Often the skills and coping mechanisms they learn through counselling can be very helpful in equipping them to deal with future challenges as and when they arise.

Sessions for 11-18 years old’s costs £50.00 and last 1 hour. (Please note under 16’s must have parental consent. )

To book or find out more please get in touch.