The Perfect Body?

The theme of Mental Health Awareness Week this year is Body Image. With this in mind what is the perfect body?

Every day we are bombarded with messages about how our body should look. How we should dress. What our hair should look like: We should hate having grey hair and want to dye it, unless we deliberately colour it grey?! Maybe that’s acceptable? We should be slim and blemish free. Oh no actually if we want to be a ‘real woman’ we can’t be too skinny and hang on we’re supposed to love our tiger stripes.

The world tells us that if our body is socially acceptable than we are acceptable. But in order for this to happen we have to strive to be perfect. But what is perfect? Slim and blemish free? Curvaceous and tiger striped? Brunette? Blonde? Grey? What exactly is the perfect thing to wear when you’re over the age of 35?

We can never be completely perfect because perfection is subjective and fluid. It relies on individuals experiences, preferences and perceptions. Maybe instead we should work on accepting that what we all actually have in common is that we’re imperfect and that what our bodies and minds really need are care and kindness