How to be less Swan

Why would you want to be less swan?

Swans are calm, serene and graceful. Gliding effortlessly across the water and through life. At least they are at first glance. Look a bit closer and underneath the water they’re paddling furiously to help them keep afloat and to get them where they need to be.

Are you like a swan? At first glance would someone think you were calm and effortlessly gliding through life? Yet inside your head and behind closed doors you’re paddling furiously just to keep afloat. Just to keep up the appearance that you’re calm and in control. To not outwardly show how you’re truly feeling.

Being a swan can be hard work. Exhausting, overwhelming and anxiety inducing. Maybe you’re waiting to drop one of the plates you’re spinning?

Ways to feel less swan..

Would you like to feel less like you’re trying so hard to keep afloat whilst also looking calm and in control? You are not alone! Here’s three things to try. I hope you find them helpful and begin to feel less swan.

  • Try and talk to someone you trust. I know this can be difficult but taking the first step and telling someone you trust how you’re really feeling can make you feel less alone. It can help reassure you that there are lots of swans out there!
  • Take some time for yourself. It can easy to feel as though we’ve got to keep busy. Both as a way of trying to stay in control and also as a way of avoiding our uncomfortable feelings. Taking some time for a walk or something else you enjoy won’t cause everything to fall apart. It will provide you with time and space to feel calm and gain more clarity over what changes you may need to make.
  • How are you talking to yourself? You are not a failure and good enough is always good enough. Challenge the voice inside your head that tells you otherwise. You are doing a great job!