Five Signs You’re Suffering From Stress

What is stress?

We all can experience problems and feel under pressure during our everyday lives. So when does this turn into stress? A proposed definition of stress is when these problems and feelings become overwhelming and unmanageable. Therefore negatively impacting upon your quality of life.

How do I know if I’m suffering from stress?

The tipping point when challenges and feelings of pressure turn into stress isn’t always easy to identify. Although we all experience stress differently there are some signs to look out for:

  1. You might feel low, anxious or irritated.  Feeling that your thoughts are racing and you are snapping at those around you.
  2. Losing interest in activities which you’ve previously been interested in is also a common sign. You might feel unable to enjoy yourself and switch off. Sleep can also become difficult when you’re stressed.
  3. You might be you finding it more difficult to make decisions and/or having difficulty concentrating.
  4. Physical symptoms of stress can include feeling faint, sick or dizzy. You might also experience headaches or feel tired all the time.
  5. Smoking or drinking more than usual can also be an indication you’re feeling stressed.

I think I’m suffering from stress what next?

In my next blog post I’ll be covering what causes stress and ways in which to manage it. There are a variety of options including self help techniques and professional advice. Read more here