Mental Health Services for Businesses

Mental Health in The Workplace

There are huge benefits to a qualified psychotherapist delivering mental health training and support. As an expert in mental health I really understand your employees and the challenges they face. I know what works to facilitate change. I am able to deliver workshops or one to one training to employees and managers. Below is just a taster of some of the areas I can help with. If you would like to know more or would like me to tailor a workshop or training to meet the specific needs of your workplace please get in touch.

  • Anxiety in the workplace
  • How to reduce stress in the workplace
  • How to cultivate a positive working environment
  • What to do after you’ve had the mental health conversation
  • How to increase resilience and motivation
  • How to reduce conflict and create positive working relationships
  • Monthly/annually mental health maintenance for employees

Pay as you go Counselling for Employees

Businesses are increasingly recognising the benefits of supporting their employees mental well-being which is great news for employees but there are cost implications. Whilst these costs may be more easily absorbed by larger companies, smaller businesses may find it difficult to fund a counselling provision that may or may not be utilised by its employees. With a pay as you go counselling service you only pay for the counselling sessions you use. This enables you to provide employees with the option of counselling support when they need it without paying ongoing costs. I am an experienced psychotherapist and can work in a time limited framework of four to six sessions depending on your requirements.